Projects & News

Triple F Foundation cherishes transparency. As indicated elsewhere on our website in the chapters about Charity in general and Purification in particular (EVD: add links) we will indirect invest in projects through our investments in existing ‘best-of-breed’ charities/foundations and directly through our own projects.

With our Foundation having been established in Q4 2016, our first annual report will be the 2017 one (to be published early 2018).

But we will obviously keep you posted on the projects we are undertaking via this page with news about projects being categorized along the lines of the ‘themes’ we defined earlier:

  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Empowerment

These themes will be worked out in one or more of the focus areas that were defined in our Mission Statement (EVD; add link to Mission). The focus areas are Emerging Countries; Emerging Entrepreneurs and Emerging Gender.

Projects that according to Triple F’s board help our Mission, but cannot be qualified under Education, Coaching or Empowerment are listed under ‘Other’.

News / Projects to be added (forthcoming)
News / Projects to be added (forthcoming)
News / Projects to be added (forthcoming)
News / Projects to be added (forthcoming)