Focus Areas

Triple F Foundation concentrates on projects in three focus areas and within these focus areas the projects chosen do also align with the main investment themes of our founders at Parmenion Group (‘Sustainability’, ‘New Finance’ and ‘Changing World’).

Our focus areas are:

  1. ‘Emerging (and Frontier) Countries’,
  2. ‘Emerging Entrepreneurs’ and
  3. ‘Diversity’

In a way one could say that Triple F Foundation has its ‘Triple E’ focus area, when taking into account that women are a kind of ‘Emerging Gender’ in business, politics, science and education across the globe.

‘Sustainability’ is not just a core theme within Parmenion Group’s investment policy. At Triple F Foundation we believe that our definition of ‘Fairness’ should also incorporate the responsibility to help transition into a low carbon economy, so that we leave a sufficient amount of resources for future generations.

Emerging (and frontier) Countries

With respect to the focus area ‘Emerging (and Frontier) Countries’, we support applied educational initiatives in the poorer countries on this planet.

Educational initiatives that improve

  1. the calculus and rational thinking skills of primary school students and
  2. the quality of (post)-graduate courses within Economics, Business Management, Finance and Investments receive special attention.

Our involvement can be

  1. of an ‘in-kind contribution’ format – in close collaboration with Parmenion Group and its network of international top-level academics and professionals – through the organization of traineeships and internal courses to a participation in local educational programs. With respect to the latter one can think of visiting international professors or lecturers reading in local universities sponsored by Triple F; the provision of top-level course materials etc.; or
  2. Financial support to selected local educational programs or the creation of new schools and universities.

Qualifying projects should be in Emerging or Frontier Countries, i.e. countries in the MSCI Emerging and Frontier Markets index, and also countries not in these two indices, but with a GDP per capita (purchasing power basis) lower than US$ 10,000.

If you are involved in educational initiatives in these countries that fit the qualification under i) and ii) above, we welcome your proposals.  Please contact Miss Eloise Enanoria at  for more details.

Academics and professionals who like to join our team of internationally-operating volunteers are kindly requested to contact Miss Fatima de Vos (chairman of Triple F Foundation) at . Your introductory application or information request should incorporate information about the program(s)/field(s) of study that you like to work in, your bio/CV and – if available – your Linkedin profile.

Emerging Entrepreneurs

Within the focus area ‘Emerging Entrepreneurs’ we support entrepreneurial talents in Europe who want to embrace ‘Sustainability’, ‘Fairness’ and ‘New Finance’ as important corporate themes in their activities. We start in the Old Continent for three reasons:

  1.  we do not want to spread our attention too thin;
  2. because of our belief that laws, rules and regulations in Europe provide some level of additional certainty with respect to feasibility of our new initiatives, and
  3. through the active involvement as investors/shareholders of our partners at Parmenion Group in European small- and mid-sized private companies – through their Fair Finance Fund Europe – we have been offered here a fantastic ‘on the job’, real-life possibility for direct knowledge transfer from our experienced specialists to these entrepreneurial talents.

Expansion into other areas across the globe is possible at a later stage.

Triple F Foundation does not have at its disposal in-house staff for full-fledge due diligence and valuation exercises. Consecutively we have chosen to collaborate with Parmenion Group in that 60-80 percent of our budget for this focus area will be spent on European SME companies or start-ups that Parmenion funds have invested in. The remaining 20-40 percent will be in companies or start-ups that have approached us directly. In those cases Parmenion Group specialists will help us with the due diligence free of charge. When needed, the Foundation will hire additional specialists outside of Parmenion Group so as to ensure a thorough admission process.

If you are involved in entrepreneurial initiatives in Europe that fit the following description, we welcome your proposals.

Your entrepreneurial initiative should:

  1. Be structured as a separate legal entity;
  2. Be domiciled in a European country;
  3. Have an annualized revenue of at least € 1,000,000;
  4. A staff size (management/employees/contributing shareholders) of 4 or more;
  5. An estimated company valuation of at least € 2,000,000;
  6. Have the potential for cross-border sales (either within Europe or globally) within 3 years;
  7. Have a Corporate Charter and/or Website clearly demonstrating that you are a ‘social enterprise’ in terms of mission statement, profit distribution or otherwise; and
  8. Be working on a project that clearly aligns with the focus areas and mission statement of Triple F Foundation.

Gender Diversity

Last but not least, we support global initiatives through which the participation of women in society is promoted. That participation could be in one of the following fields:

  • Business
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Education

With our Foundation still being small, the activities in our other two focus areas requiring a high level of time consumption and own initiative, and with local checks and balances of the utmost importance as far as the effectiveness of empowering activities is concerned, Triple F has chosen a collaborative model for its involvement in this field.

This implies that we have chosen to invest 80 percent or more of our budget for this focus area via specialized foundations and other non-profit organizations.  These ‘best-of-breed’ diversity and empowerment specialists are carefully selected. So as to not spread or activities and attention too thin, our Board has decided to a) use a four-year plan approach; and b) to select five preferred partners for this period.

At the moment the selection phase is still open (closing March 1, 2017). If you are involved in (or leading) a foundation or other non-profit organization that has made Gender Diversity and Empowerment its main mission, and you would like to be on our partner list, please contact our chairman Miss Fatima De Vos at  . A corporate brochure or website link that makes it clear what your foundation or other non-profit organization is all about is required.

The remaining 20 percent of our budget for Gender Diversity will be invested in qualifying initiatives that are presented to us directly, with these initiatives being characterized by a prime focus on Gender Diversity and Empowerment in Emerging or Frontier countries. Please note that we do not require the initiatives qualifying for this 20 percent bucket to be specialized foundations or charities themselves. We could also invest in people, companies, academic research projects, educational projects etc. as long as they fit our Gender Diversity theme and geographical preference. If you believe your project could qualify, then please contact Miss Eloise Enanoria at  . Your application should be accompanied with a clear description of your project.