About Us

Triple F Foundation is created by the members of Parmenion Group. Parmenion Group consists of the following companies:

Parmenion Soparfi S.A.

Luxembourg-based; multi-family office, investment banking and investment consultancy


Netherlands-based; investment consultancy and corporate finance

Parmenion Ethical

Netherlands- and Luxembourg-based; ethical and Islamic investing.


Netherlands- and Romania-based; FinTech investing and consultancy.

As investors and entrepreneurs, the members of Parmenion Group in general and Parmenion Ethical in particular cherish an ethical business approach. Whenever entering a deal, we keep in mind the old adage ‘Would you still think it is a good transaction for parties involved if you would be the counterparty and your partner in the deal would be you?’.

On top of that, one of Parmenion Group’s three main Group investment themes is ‘Sustainability’ (the other two being ‘Changing World’ and ‘New Finance’).

It should therefore not come as a surprise that Parmenion Group has decided to create Triple F Foundation as a charity whose mission statement and main goals link directly to all three of its main investment themes. 

Triple F Foundation wants to help improve (economic) decision taking through education, knowledge transfer and related initiatives that help integrate the two sub-sets of factors and processes in such a way that IQ, EQ and ethics all get sufficient attention and work together in taking the best decisions.

It is Parmenion’s intention to loosen the ties between Triple F and itself over time (see also under Board below; EVD link to be added) albeit that Triple F will fulfill one task that translates into a permanent link and that is the coordination of the purification activities for Parmenion Group’s ethical solutions. Parmenion’s definition of Ethical Investing is based on a Fairness principle which incorporates rules based on Western-style Ethical Investing (linked to the Principles of Responsible Investing defined by the United Nations) and the Principles of Islamic Finance, with the latter requiring the purification of impure income so as to make sure that investors cannot earn from activities that are unethical. More about Triple F’s role in this purification process can be found here.


Triple F Foundation is convinced that good, ethical and sustainable economic decision taking in countries, companies and even the private lives of the economic actors involved in these decisions requires a non-simplified incorporation of the more rational (Neo-Classical) aspects of it. ?

The prime focus of our founders at Parmenion Group as (multi-)family office, investment advisor and corporate finance consultant is of course focused on enterprises and corporations. But companies consist of groups of people (entrepreneurs, employees and other stakeholders) and groups of companies do collectively represent the main economic engines of countries.

Triple F Foundation believes that a structural incorporation of rational thinking – including game theoretical considerations – will improve the management of target companies. Too often did we see that ‘social entrepreneurship’ strengthened other skills over rational and financial ones to the extent that longer-term sustainable growth of social companies was hindered.

Of course, the other extreme – with complex decision taking being simply reduced to mechanical, profit-oriented solutions – is not good either. Societal, behavioral and psychological factors should play an equally important role as the basic financial considerations, with the latter being defined in a ‘satisficing’ as opposed to profit-maximizing way.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and other key decision takers – including the students of today who might fulfill those roles in the future – to find the right balance between a rationality-based, neo-classical focus on profits and a longer-term focus on sustainable growth and societal involvement.

Triple F Foundation implements all of this in its educational programs and coaching methods. In that way IQ, EQ and Ethics all get sufficient attention and work together in taking the best possible corporate decisions.

Obviously, a single organization cannot focus on everything at the same time in a field as broad as ‘Rational decision taking for social entrepreneurs’. Triple F Foundation did therefore define certain focus areas.

The table below links the mission of Triple F Foundation to the three main investment themes of our founders at Parmenion Group and it also shows the three goals that comprise our mission (at the country, corporate and personal level) and focus on ‘performance and development of social companies’.

Under the guidance of the Triple F Foundation Board all Parmenion Group companies work together on a set of projects covering the main investment themes on the one hand and three different focus areas on the other. These focus areas are ‘Emerging (and Frontier) Countries’, ‘Emerging Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Emerging Gender Diversity’.


Triple F Foundation is independent and its sole focus is on our own mission statement:

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and other key decision takers – including the students of today who might fulfill those roles in the future – to find the right balance between a rationality-based, neo-classical focus on profits and a longer-term focus on sustainable growth and societal involvement.

However, we have been created by Parmenion Group and Triple F Foundation values this partnership. The linkage with an internationally-operating, well-respected multi-family office and investment consultancy firm will enable us to do our work on a larger scale than would otherwise be the case.

Our Foundation Charter does clearly show how we will gradually loosen the knot that links Triple F to Parmenion, so as to ensure and strengthen our independence.

Our Foundation Board consists of three members who are appointed for a 4-year term and who can serve for a maximum of 8 years. Board members are chosen in such a way that Triple F’s three focus areas are well-represented. The first Board which will serve from 2016 to Dec 31, 2020 will consist of 2 seats with direct managerial Parmenion Group link, namely Chairman Miss Fatima de Vos (head of Investor Relations at Parmenion Group) and Mr Jean-Philippe Cerutti (CEO and Founder of Parmenion Group). It is already agreed that from the second Board onward (2021-2025), the maximum number of seats for Parmenion representatives will be just 1. I.e. at least one of these two persons will step down end of 2020 to be replaced by an independent board member.

Parmenion CIO Erik L van Dijk holds the third seat on an interim basis (2016-Q1 2017), but he will step down as soon as we have finalized the selection process for the third board member. This third board member will be someone who will not be associated with Parmenion.

Below you will find information about the Triple F Board members, including a short Bio and their focus areas.

Fatima De Vos

Fatima De Vos


  • Focus Areas: Gender Diversity & Emerging Entrepreneurs

Ms De Vos has 20 years of relevant experience in web-design, online media, corporate branding and social media partly within larger organizations but also as independent entrepreneur. She is currently a managing director at Mountain Fox BV, a Netherlands-based FinTech company with main activities in the fields of quantitative financial trading (artificial intelligence for the creation of a robotrader tool) and online marketing and branding for innovative companies both within and outside the FinTech sector. Since October 2016 she also served as Head of Investor Relations at Parmenion Group.

Taking into account Parmenion Group’s main themes (Sustainability, the New Finance and a Changing World), her expertise in (Fin)Tech and involvement in empowerment and gender diversity initiatives, her choice as first Chairman of Triple F was not a big surprise.

Jean-Philippe Cerutti

Jean-Philippe Cerutti


  • Focus Areas: Emerging Countries & Emerging Entrepreneurs

Mr Cerutti founded Parmenion in 2011. He has about 25 years of investment experience, dealing with institutional and private (family office and ultra-high net-worth) clients. He started his investment career at Société Générale in Paris, where he became head of Proprietary Trading and Technical Research. In 1997 Cerutti moved on to Credit Suisse and became an award-winning hedge fund manager, winning with his fund a ‘Best in its Category’ award in 2002. In 2008 he was appointed Chief Investment Officer of a multi-family office based in Geneva (MIF Group) with a strong client base in Switzerland and the Middle East, before founding Parmenion in 2011.

Mr Cerutti does hold several board member- and directorships in (multi-)family offices, investment funds and asset management companies. Within Triple F his entrepreneurial and management expertise, both in SME companies and within large corporates, are an important value-added in the focus area ‘Emerging Entrepreneurs’. His exposure to and network in Emerging Countries made him a logical member for the focus area ‘Emerging Countries’ as well.

Erik L. van Dijk

Erik L. van Dijk

member (ad interim)

  • Focus Areas: Emerging Countries & Islamic Finance*
  • Erik L van Dijk is Parmenion Group’s CIO. He is a specialist in emerging and frontier markets , asset allocation, portfolio construction and the selection of investment managers. He is also known for his work on Islamic Finance as an ambassador for a more integrative approach. In this approach western-style ESG Investing and Islamic Finance are merged into one framework that fits the UNPRI (United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing).
  • As such, he is one of the architects of Parmenion Ethical’s ‘Fairness’ concept.Van Dijk has about three decades of relevant investment experience at both the academic and professional level. Not only did he work for brand name investment managers like Fortis Investments (Netherlands/Belgium) and United Asset Management/Old Mutual (USA/South Africa), but he was also involved in several private equity and venture capital initiatives. He has been a well-known asset manager and consultant in the institutional European investment market during the last 20 years and in the Middle East during the last 10 years. In the academic field Erik has worked as lecturer and visiting lecturer Corporate Finance and Investments at several business schools and post-graduate institutions in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • He will be involved with the focus areas Islamic Finance and Emerging Countries until the end of Q1 2017, when he will be replaced by an independent, external board member with obviously (at least) comparable expertise in these two focus fields.
  • (*) Islamic Finance is added as special focus area at the Board level, due to its pivotal importance in the purification of impure income in Parmenion Group’s ethical investment solutions.